PROMOTED: Football and HDR a dream partnership

HDR would make the beautiful game even more beautiful

by Promoted Content Poster Jun 27, 2016 at 5:38 PM

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    PROMOTED: Football and HDR a dream partnership
    With this year’s high-end 4K TVs everyone is talking about HDR – the next big thing in television picture quality.
    It stands for High Dynamic Range.

    You can enjoy millions more colours and vastly improved contrast when you watch HDR video on a 4K HDR TV. Whites are brighter, dark and shadowy areas more detailed and colours are more lifelike.

    While 4K gives you more pixels, HDR works to make those pixels better – more accurate and more natural.

    You can already watch Netflix and Amazon Instant Video in 4K HDR, and Ultra HD Blu-ray also uses the technology – but it’s yet to make its TV football debut. With the summer of football upon us – Currys highlight how it could make the beautiful game, well, even more beautiful.

    Florescent boots and a pitch bursting with colour

    The average top-flight football match is often a riot of colour. From boots with gaudy fluorescent designs to the block-green of the perfect pitch. The vast blue skies of the summery first weeks of the season to the rainbow of colourful scarves and shirts in the stands; football is, indeed, a colourful sport.

    So football is likely to be more realistic on a TV with a greater colour range. And 4K HDR TVs have millions of colours – what’s more those colours are more natural, accurate and detailed too.

    Bright floodlights, dark skies and all the shades in-between

    Football and winter nights go together like strawberries and cream. From the floodlit pitch and dark sky to the hot pies and flasks of tea – there’s a real sense of occasion.

    With a 4K HDR TV the sense of theatre can be enjoyed at home too. The contrast between bright and dark is vastly improved and perfect for nighttime football. It makes room for much more detail between the brightest and darkest parts of the screen.

    Imagine the bright floodlights sparkling against the black sky. Rather than appearing like a blanket of white or black, you’d see different shades and details. Think of the texture of a night sky, with its myriad blacks and greys.

    How do you find a HDR TV?

    High-end TVs from Samsung, Sony, LG and Panasonic are able to play HDR content.Look out for TV titles with 4K HDR in them.

    Get match day ready with your perfect 4K HDR TV

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