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Calling the music streaming experts..

by hodg100 Jul 11, 2017 at 7:24 AM

  • First of all, let’s welcome one of our newest members Musky72, AKA Steve Muscutt, who runs a music news and review site of his own but has an issue that he'd like your views on.
    To make it easier, Steve set the scene on what he is looking to achieve:

    Steve/Musky has a CD collection of approximately ten thousand discs and simply does not have the space for them any longer so he is looking at a way of ripping them and then accessing them via an AV Amplifier or via a streaming service.

    Steve had looked at SONOS a few years back and if he were simply streaming, he says it would be ideal, but as he wants to access all his content, he chose not to venture down that path.

    Musky is thinking of a solution where he could plug in an external USB drive (with ripped music) into an AV amplifier and then control the content via an iPad using the software available from the amp's provider (Pioneer/Onkyo etc). Steve suspects that this is probably not the slickest way of doing this, however, and is open to suggestions should anyone have anything to offer.

    Longer term AVForums Member, Goldorak, was first in with some advice, while humbly saying that Musky will have lots of help from experts on this site, although he doesn’t purport to be one.

    Goldorak does know however that there are several ways to do it:

    1. Rip onto your computer via dppoweramp and then use a NAS to stream
    2. You can put music on a hard drive but good luck on finding it easily
    3. Invest in the coming new Naim Uniti range – an atom+core or star that are all-in-one CD rippers, amplifiers, streamers plus multi room of the ‘highest quality’. Goldorak rightly points out that its an expensive solution, relatively speaking, but if you like top quality, that's the way to go

    So, AVForums experts, do you have any better/aternative solutions?

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