IFA 2014: Cappuccinos and Chips - Philips' latest gadget apps

It's all very cutting edge and that's just the beard trimmers!

by Steve Withers Sep 11, 2014 at 11:04 AM

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    IFA 2014: Cappuccinos and Chips - Philips' latest gadget apps
    Philips like to say that innovation is in their DNA and there's no denying that the electronics conglomerate makes products that have touched almost every aspect of our lives.
    The Dutch giant was heavily in force at IFA with an entire range of tech products aimed squarely at the discerning gentleman - and we’re not talking about some of the video streaming apps found on their TVs. We spend so much time discussing how the internet has influenced TV design that we forget it has also revolutionised many other areas of technology as well. Philips have been busy over the last few years finding ways to use both the internet and wireless connectivity to improve the kind of household products that made them famous, be it shavers, coffee machines or hot air fryers.

    Given that well over 90% of AVForums members are men, it's a safe bet that most of us have, at one time or another, owned a Philishave of some sort. Now Philips have made greater digital innovation a reality, even when it comes to your morning shave. Their latest range of electric razors and beard trimmers come with a very useful grooming app. This allows users to see how they would look with a moustache or beard and then show you how to get that effect using Philips' latest grooming products. It also shows you exactly how to get the best shave, which is very handy when you consider most men learn through a process of trial and error. So that's got to be news for all you metro-sexual AVForums readers out there.

    Of course we don't just want to look good, we also like to eat well and men are taking to the kitchen more than ever before. This has resulted in a huge range of culinary gadgets that can help the average bloke knock up his favourite dishes in ever more inventive ways. As an example Philips had a hot air fryer at IFA that not only uses 80% less fat but thanks to a convenient app, can also provide you with plenty of recipes as well. Whether it's chips or croissant, the hot air fryer has the healthy answer and you can even share your favourite recipes on Facebook or Twitter. Fat-free chips, who doesn’t want the recipe for that?

    If you’re a coffee fan, there was a Saeco coffee maker that once again uses an app to allow you to customise your favourite blend and save it for future use. It can also remember your friends’ preferences, allowing you to quickly produce their perfect cup of joe when they pop over for a visit. You can also brew a coffee remotely, just don’t forget to make sure there is a cup in place. Perhaps more usefully, if you’re as much of a coffee fan as we are, the app can track just how much coffee you are drinking and provide you with tutorial videos covering things like maintenance of your machine.

    The typical AVForums member is not only a man who likes his gadgets, he's also often a father and once again Philips have been implementing new technology to make modern life easier. Philips had a very effective baby monitor that allows you to always be able to check on your loved ones, no matter where you are. The app automatically picks the best method of connection (WiFi - 4G - 3G) and if there isn't a good connection it tells you so. You can monitor your baby remotely and even allow others to join the secure network, so that grandparents can help out. The app monitors the temperature and humidity, as well as providing guidance and help. You can even change the lighting or play your baby a lullaby. If only it could change nappies as well.
    Whether it's cappuccinos or chips, Philips' latest gadgets have you covered.
    As any parent can tell you, getting your kids to clean their teeth properly is never easy. Philips already make a hugely successful range of sonic electric toothbrushes but their new app works in conjunction with these to ensure your little darlings don't end up with a mouth full of fillings. The app listens to the vibrations of the brush so it knows how long they have been brushing their teeth and how regularly, allowing vigilant parents to reward the good and nag the bad. The app also turns brushing your teeth into a game, with the kids playing as one of two characters - Bjorn the Viking or Vicky the Vampire. Through challenges and rewards, Philips hope to help your kids learn better dental hygiene.

    In this rapidly changing world, it's good to know that companies like Philips are always looking for innovative ways to make your life better. Whether it's cappuccinos and chips or vampires and Vikings, Philips' latest gadgets seem to have it covered.

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