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Setup has 3 Modes – Family, Movie & Gaming

by hodg100 Oct 4, 2015 at 7:37 AM

  • Many of us have dreams of building our very own but, let’s face it, life – and family – can get in the way of realising them.
    This was definitelty the case for our member, M30WND, who has been in to home cinema since the days he had an Optoma 1280x720 SVGA projector, bought from a school, through upgrading to an Optoma HD25 with a pull up screen. M30WND then bought a Epson TW3000 around 5 years ago and subsequently a Panasonic AE5000, which left him a bit disappointed, as he couldn’t see a vast difference between that and the Optoma. Much of that was down to the room conditions, however, so it went back.

    Following that, M30WND moved in to the World of 3D projection but, again, the experience wasn’t great, especially compared to the 3D images being knocked out by his TV. At one point M30WND did get the dedicated, light controlled room he was after all along but with the arrival of his first daughter his den was GONE.

    This brings us to M30WND’s current circumstance of occupying rented accommodation where, obviously, he cannot mount anything on the ceiling without a lot of hassle when he eventually leaves. Unfortunately, in this property, the ceiling joists run the wrong way so he is unable to run any cables through the ceiling or mount anything to it without too much effort.

    So he got himself some projector mounting brackets, painted them the same as the wall and although M30WND isn’t especially happy with the aesthetics, Mrs M30WND is satisfied with the tidiness.

    The Screen is a Duronic, which is fairly budget but gets the job done and it has a very high gain, which helps with the projector throw of 18ft. He does plan on painting it with Black Widow paint but with another baby on the way – congrats M30WND- he can’t paint anything at the moment.

    M30WND mulled over a few ways in which to do some masking but most of them, for him, were, “rubbish,” and the idea of sticking things to the projector when they watched movies did not go down well. So the thinking cap went on and M30WND had to conjure up an ingenious plan that would satisfy Mrs M and still get rid of those ‘terrible black bars’ when watching scope movies.

    In the end, it came to him, why not lower the projector and just lessen the screen? Well off he was to B&Q (other DIY emporiums would do) to get some chain cut, and half an hour later they were in business. It is, as M30WND concedes, a bit of a crude solution but when watching films at night it gives far better perceived contrast, so the results have been worth it….

    Kit List:
    Epson TW3000 1080p
    100'' Duronic Screen
    50'' Samsung 3D Plasma 1080p
    Tannoy Sattelites 5.1
    BW HTM62 Centre
    Tannoy EFX Sub
    Onkyo 607
    Gaming HTPC Running Nvidia GTX 970 with 12TB worth of Media
    Xbox 360
    Sky HD
    Virgin 100MB Broadband

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