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It's all about the bass. And the TV. And the projector.

by Mark Hodgkinson Jun 21, 2016 at 8:15 AM

  • Russ66 has been an AVForums member for more than twelve years – you’ve probably seen him around – and in to this hobby for more than twenty, so it’s high time Russ got some time in the limelight.
    His first setup comprised a Panasonic VHS player into a Yamaha Dolby Prologic amp back in the mid 90's and, as we can see, he’s come a long way since then.
    Russ bought his first DVD player, a Pioneer DV717, back in 1998 together with an add-on Dolby Digital processor. Over the years, as most of us do, Russ has slowly upgraded and changed things, to the point where he is today.
    Sources are a 2TB Sky HD box and a Sony BDP S480 Blu-Ray player. The AVR is an Anthem MRX300, which is apparently due an upgrade, despite still being excellent.

    The speakers are Kef R100, R200C and Q2DS the rears are next on the upgrade list. There’s a pair of subwoofers – both Ken Kreisel DXD808's – boom! The TV is a Panasonic ZT65 which Russ describes as an incredible screen that still looks amazing – we agree
    And to complete the setup, there’s a Sony HW40ES projector with a Sapphire 92-inch screen. Lovely Russ, cracking work!
    We can't wait to see what your home cinema setup looks like in another twelve years!

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