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by hodg100 Jan 21, 2017 at 6:51 PM

  • AVForums member purextc69 has been registered for more than six years and although he isn’t one of our more prolific posters, we’ll always take quality over quantity and quality is exactly what you get with this gorgeous living room home cinema set-up.
    The project had been on-going for nearly twelve months before being completed in December 2016 – just in time to sit back and enjoy some festive viewing. The whole house was undergoing a transformation, in fact, involving the home being, ‘completely ripped apart,’ in the words of purextc; walls were removed to make an open plan living space, and a two storey extension put on the back so it was certainly no small undertaking!

    Both purextc69 (we’re avoiding the obvious jokes) and his wife work in VFX (Visual Effects) so obviously have a love for films. They had to have something good – and they did – although they were slightly compromised by a couple of things in the house like the bi-folding doors, so in-ceiling rear speakers became a necessity, although that’s very much a first world problem, of course.

    We’re sure you’ll agree that both Mr and Mrs purextc have done a sterling job here, although we would like to see that cable to the TV hidden!

    The Kit List comprises the following:

    Panasonic TX-65DX902B
    Pioneer SC-LX59 AVR
    Monitor Audio Gold C150 Centre
    Monitor Audio Gold 200 Front Floor Standers
    Monitor Audio C265-IDC In Ceiling Surrounds
    REL T-9 Sub


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