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Size matters

by hodg100 Jan 13, 2016 at 8:52 AM

  • AVForums member MilanoChris – he lives in Gloucester, by the way – has been treading our boards for more than five years and decided it was time to share his stunning setup to a wider audience.
    Having lived in his current house for around 11 months, he decided to take the plunge and change the carpet downstairs for a light oak laminate and started checking out the Monitor Audio 6AV12 speaker package, albeit with the Silver 8 floorstanders to cover stereo music listening duty. Chris actually managed to pick up an ex-demo Gold package for £3600 – which wasn’t too bad considering they have a retail price nearly double that! Here’s a pic of the starting point…
    And here’s a comparison of the new speakers against the old; as Chris so rightly points out, ‘size matters!’
    The realisation then hits that the existing amp can’t really drive these new bad boys properly; also the centre speaker is so large that the TV needs to be wall-mounted so that it doesn’t get in the way.
    These things happen, Chris, but later on that day, the job is done with the TV and speakers both in situ and we’re looking good.
    It’s new amp time and Chris goes for an ex-display Roksan K3. Chris describes the sound as ‘phenomenal, with no more hissing and a great weight to the bass'. The next step is to sort out the stand...

    And here it is.

    So that’s where Chris is at now, with just a few final touches to go, including putting the cables from the TV into the wall, hiding the surround cables under the floor, plus the new floor. Oh, and of course to watch and listen!

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