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A home cinema good enough for a superhero

by Mark Hodgkinson Sep 17, 2015 at 7:08 AM

  • From the Antipodes to AVForums, our very own Wizard of OZ, Jamnchel, has conjured up a home cinema build well worth looking at.
    After years of Google searches inevitably leading him to us, Jamnchel has tapped into the resources of the forums and the build is now reaching its conclusion. This is an upgrade to an existing home theatre; Jamnchel has been running systems of varying configurations since Dolby ProLogic rolled onto the scene, using a Sherwood receiver. Fortunately he’s progressed from those days of earning $3.43/h which leads us here - a dream theatre in the works.

    The room is 5.5m wide and 7m deep room with 32c ceilings, and a ceiling recess a further two course deep; it also features an 1.8 x 2.7m bar off to the right of the screen. This will be turned into a candy bar in the near future, as the ‘actual’ bar will be moved into an entertaining area where it's likely to see more use. It's a two-tiered room with four theatre seats per level, carpeted and currently painted a mid-brown colour.

    The Vision

    Jamnchel has wanted to go anamorphic for a long time and, after years of hard work, that dream is realised. And what a screen it is at 3.85m wide, curved, acoustically transparent, 3D grey and with a 2.40:1 aspect ratio. At the rear of the screen are the front speakers, which are all Krix - an Epicentrix centre, flanked by a pair of Neuphonix at the extremities of the screen. Sitting in boxes, waiting to power these three beauties (currently being fed by a Denon AVR4311) are three Vincent SPT800 monoblocks channelling the signal through Audioquest Rocket 44 bi-amp cables.

    To the rear are four Krix Dynamix surrounds, while bottom end is provided courtesy of a single Krix Volcanix sub, with a second one ready to install.

    Midway through this project he became aware of Atmos, so two sets of Atmospherix are now ready to be installed in the ceiling over the next month which, when added to a Denon AVR-X7200 AV receiver, will round out a full 7.2.4 Atmos setup. Jamnchel is a cabinet maker by trade so he’s in a good position for all this DIY malarkey!

    Picture wise, he’s as much a fan of the JVC projectors as he is Denon components and his latest is the DLA-X700 which was an excellent choice. That has been coupled with a Panamorph UH480 Anamorphic lens on a home-made lens transport, which has been automated by way of an Arduino and stepper motor. Jamnchel has also picked up a Thor PS10 power conditioner and two boxes of Vicoustix Wavewoods and Cinema Rounds to start to darken up and acoustically treat the room as a starting point.

    And we’ll end with a quote from the man himself which we think kind of sums up the home cinema building experience for many of us:

    I love my theatre, I really do. There's a heap more work to go over the next couple of months, but I certainly hope you like checking it out as much as I enjoy sharing it.”

    Yes we do Jamnchel, yes we do!

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