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Dutch mastery

by hodg100 Jun 5, 2017 at 5:40 AM

  • We’re throwing the spotlight on to one of our members from The Netherlands for this DIY Home Cinema build by ML Cinema.
    In the spirit of AVForums and because ML has been enjoying looking at everyone else’s setups, they’ve decided to share.

    The Theatre Room is 5.95 meters long, 3.30 meters wide and 2.40 meters high. To avoid upsetting the neighbours, ML had a false wall built that's decoupled from the existing wall and fitted with Rockwool. Apparently the neighbours have yet to hear a peep and, by their own admission, ML Cinema likes to crank up the volume, at times, and don’t we all!
    The ceiling has also been lowered to fit the lights
    The project has been on the go since 2014 and, at that time, they were aware of Dolby Atmos but decided to go for a 5.1 setup at the time. Late in 2016, a case of upgraditis kicked in and object based audio was now a need (it’s not a want) and ML decided to upgrade to Dolby Atmos / DTS X and added 4 height speakers to the room.

    This is what the room looks like at the moment:
    And here's the view from the screen out in to the room:
    The dedicated cinema Room currently features the following components:

    Marantz SR7011
    Marantz UD5007
    Sony PS4
    Klipsch RF25 fronts
    Klipsch RC35 center
    Klipsch RB61 rears
    Klipsch RB51 heights
    Klipsch R-115SW dual subwoofers
    Benq W1070 projector

    Moving on to the living room and this is also really nice so not too shabby as a 'back-up' solution:
    The living room setup features:

    Rega Elex R
    Rega RP6 with Ortofon Bronze
    Rega Ear MK2
    Bluesound Node 2
    Monitor Audio Silver 6

    Thanks for sharing M&L!

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