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Cornish cream of the crop

by hodg100 Jun 6, 2017 at 10:49 AM

  • Our member burtonpark has built themselves a very swanky home cinema down in the depths of Cornwall.
    The choice of AV equipment and the acoustic treatment and overall design is all theirs and as was the installation of the kit and wiring but, sensibly, he supervised a couple of carpenter/builders for construction. The room measures 7.3m x 4.4m x 2.4m (LxWxH).

    The screen is an acoustically transparent Screen Research 2.35:1 cinemascope screen with electric masking, The JVC HD950 projector has an anamorphic lens sat on a custom ceiling bracket which burtonpark designed.
    The RBH Signature speakers are serial no 1, of a limited edition of 100, and are finished in maple. The left and right pair are full range with additional amplification for the lower sub section. There is a matching centre speaker behind the screen. The L/R and Sub speakers sit on a raised and curved front stage which is filled with sand (when in Cornwall and all that).
    The acoustic treatments in the room include RPG flutterfree maple (side walls also helmholtz cavities), RPG Twin BAD Diffuser Panels front ceiling, behind the black fabric walls are Six Modex BASS Absorbers located behind the screen and the front left and right walls and the rear wall.
    The six cinema seats are fully electrically reclining and the rear seats sit on a raised platform which has butt-kickers which he has not yet got around to connecting.
    Kit List:

    Left/Right 9.3 RBH T-30LSE Signature Speaker Serial No 1 of 100 limited
    Center RBH 6100 SE (behind screen)
    Sub L T30LSE
    Sub R T30LSE
    Sub Velodyne DD18
    Sides RBH 66 SER Maple - four off opposite seats

    Denon POA-A1HD (10x150W) L/R/C 300W bridged, Sides 150W, Rears 150W
    Twin 400W power the RBH sub sections

    Denon AVP-A1HD
    SVS EQ (eq for L/R Subs)

    JVC DLA-HD950 Projector
    Screen Research 2.35 110 inch AT Screen
    ISCO III Anamorphic Lens
    Lumagen VisionPro HD Scaler

    Denon BDP-2500 blu ray
    Multiroom Network SageTV 4 extenders
    30TB Movie Server/NAS Setup

    Power Conditioning

    Acoustic Treatments (RPG & Custom)
    Front [Acoustically Dead]
    Behind Screen - Twin Modex Plate 50Hz plus wall covered with 100mm RG6 insulation
    Left and Right - Twin Modex Broadband + wall covered with 100mm RG6 Insulation
    Ceiling - Twin BAD Diffuser Panels front ceiling

    Side [Acoustically Lively Mid-High Frequency Diffusion]
    flutterfree maple on surface with helmholtz cavities.

    Twin BASS Absorbers Modex Plates

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