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One for the Birds?

by hodg100 Jun 21, 2017 at 7:52 AM

  • Having been a long-time admirer of other people’s set-ups, AVForums member I am Custard (yes, really) caught the upgraditis bug and took the plunge in beginning to create his own home cinema.
    It was all the way back in 2007 and we can see a very clear metamorphosis in those intervening years. Before we go any further, let’s look how it was before I am Custard got serious.
    It began with a new AV Receiver – an Onkyo 605 – which was too heavy for the existing AV Table (It actually broke it) so a trip to IKEA was in order where a new rack was purchased.

    Custard picked up the TOBO stand with the TV and since it was so huge, it meant a small spot of extra DIY was required...and it was off with the fireplace.
    This is the unit all done and in situ, he just needed to sort out the rest of the lounge now....
    At this point Scott (that’s better) knew it wasn’t one of the tip top setups on the forum but, at the time, he prophetically said his upgraditis was sated – at least for a year or so.

    Calamity struck some time before that, however, as the TV (a Toshiba 42WLT66) developed a fault and with a bit of research on this forum, Scott decided to ring Toshiba and mention it whereupon, much to his surprise they gave him a code for his supplier to get a replacement. When he phoned them he chanced his hand at getting a Panasonic TH-42PZ70 and they said yes!

    After a month living with a plasma TV, Scott was blown away with the upgrade on the Tosh but all wasn’t plain sailing for very long as the PZ70 bit the dust just eighteen months later, with no warranty. We won’t send you to buy our lottery tickets, Scott.

    Faced with the option of paying for a repair or buying a new telly, Scott did the ‘grown-up’ thing and a shiny new Panasonic G10 plasma was purchased, which was even better than the PZ70 (nobody mention the rising black levels!

    Even more excitingly, in the interim period Scott had been saving hard to finally realise his dream of having some big screen action. It took him 4 months of hard saving and decisions but he had now become a projector owner. Due to the size/shape of the room he couldn’t have his first choice - the Toshiba HD65 - but had to go for something with good zoom and lens shift. He also had to move the speakers, which ended-up with him inheriting some nice full size speakers with the Celestion F1 series.

    Scott opted for the Epson TW680 on a 92-inch screen and was, once again, blown away.

    We’re now nearly eight years on since Scott last updated his thread but he’s clearly not been idling in the upgrade stakes. He has subsequently changed projector, twice, and is now toying with the idea of selling the projector now the TV is of ‘reasonable size.’

    The sound system also went through different incarnations and now due to the boss (Mrs Custard), it has gone to be replaced by a soundbar and subwoofer system which has turned out to be much better than he was expecting.

    This is the current Kit List:
    Hisense 65M7000
    Epson TW5900
    Sapphire 93" Manual Screen
    Denon HEOS Home Cinema Sound Bar
    Humax DVR
    Harmony Ultimate Hub and remote
    Philips HUE lighting throughout
    Amazon ECHO

    An here are a few snaps of the fully up-to-date ‘Custard Home Cinema’

    Don’t leave it eight years next time, Scott, and thanks for sharing.

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