From the Forum: DIY Cosy Mancave Home Cinema

Are we sitting comfortably?

by hodg100 Jul 15, 2017 at 1:00 PM

  • Our latest DIY home cinema showcase comes from a relatively new member (generalgizmo) but they have been into home cinema for quite a few years now and even more so after working at a client's house many years ago who's kit blew gizmo away.
    They have been working on a project in the garden and chopping and changing things over the last few years. Generalgizmo initially bought a workshop to house a dartboard and arcade machine but as the children have got older it has been more difficult to get into the front room to watch films – we can sympathise there – so took it upon himself to make some major changes...

    Generalgizmo is a painter and decorator, by trade, so all the work was self done, from insulating the wall, making the units from MDF and painting them black. Gizmo also stuck carpet tiles to the ceilings and walls then extended the room to make a lobby area for the arcade machine plus bits and bobs.

    Having owned a few Pioneers, that was the choice for an AV Receiver ( VSX-1131) and the Blu-ray disc player is also a Pioneer (a BDP450). The 7.1 speaker set up comprises a mixture of (unspecified) Q Acoustics and Dali Zensors.

    Now we’ve got you here, generalgizmo would also be grateful for some advice as they were thinking of adding an additional subwoofer but worries that it might be overkill so let them know what you think...

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