Forum Topic: Would you buy an Electric Vehicle?

Is this technology ready for mainstream use?

by hodg100 Aug 8, 2017 at 8:47 AM

  • We’re straying off the usual audio-visual path but the subject at hand is one that we know will affect many, now and going forwards. So the question posed by AVForums member, ajdj1, is would you buy an Electric Vehicle (EV) as a longer term solution right now?
    The circumstances of ajdj1, and family, are slightly unusual in that they’re soon to be upping sticks and decamping from the West Midlands to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, where supply and demand creates a second-hand car market that is costlier than that of the UK. So, it has been decided that buying new and hanging on to the vehicle is the way to go.

    But is an EV the thing to get? Here are some points to consider:

    How much mileage is involved in a typical round trip, i.e. before the car can be recharged?

    What sort of driving do you do – are you a frequent motorway user?

    Do electric cars suffer in ‘adverse' weather conditions – cold, hot, wet…?

    How easy are electric vehicles to charge while at home – what’s involved with the set up?

    How likely am I to have access to an EV charger near where I live? Are rapid charging stations all that common?

    The main concern for cjdj, and certainly others, is probably a financial one. It has to be appreciated that the majority of the cost is upfront with an EV but what isn't so straightforward is what the expected life span of an EV (or its battery) is?

    It seems that many people in the UK are leasing EV's, which is understandable as the technology continues to advance so is that the best approach? Has anybody purchased one outright? Does anybody think it would be foolish to do so if they plan to keep it long term?

    Your experiences and advice are, as ever, more than welcome!

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