Forum Topic: To upgrade from SKY HD to SKY Q or not?

To Q or not to Q, that is the question..

by Mark Hodgkinson Jul 13, 2017 at 8:27 AM

  • Long-standing AVForums member, petrolhead, is facing a dilemma many others are also pondering, as a long-term SKY HD subscriber, is it worth upgrading to SKY Q?
    Sky have offered an upgrade where petrolhead would pay £115 for a 2TB SKY Q box and one mini box, plus the package price will remain at the same cost. Does this seem like a good deal?

    Petrolhead has two concerns:

    If he decides he doesn't like it, he would like to be able to revert back to SKY HD+. From what he has read, when they install SKY Q they change the LNB which is not backwards compatible so would it be possible to ask the engineer to leave the old LNB or is there even a dual SKY HD/Q LNB?

    Petrolhead has also heard that some people are having network issues between the 2TB box and mini box. Is this a big/real problem?

    There have been plenty of answers for the Forum Members but, to give you a taste, first in was Russ-64 with this very useful contribution:

    Sky Q is great and for me it was a good upgrade - many plus points but with initial cost:
    - great 4K picture quality if you have a 4K TV and some content already in UHD
    - I have two Mini boxes with two other TV's in house and all can watch whatever they like
    - records up to 6 programs at once and 2TB space is vast (my old HD was always full)
    - menu is easy to use

    For me the negatives are only that there are no program reminders in the TV guide.

    As for the LNB - Yes they have to change it but I don't know if they will leave old one or install hybrid.

    Initially there were network issues depending on your Wi-fi signal - as a Sky Broadband customer I also got a free automatic Hub upgrade to the Q Hub and the engineer installed a Wi-fi booster for my 2nd Mini. I have also turned on the Powerline network on all of my boxes and now everything is pretty stable.”

    Any more thoughts?

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