Forum Topic: Sony PlayStation Network bans UK PayPal users

PSN charge-backs cause kick-outs

by hodg100 Jul 2, 2017 at 6:34 AM

  • UK based PlayStation Network (PSN) account holders who use the online payment company, Paypal, face a possible ban.
    This has happened to at least one of our Forum Members, Autopilot, and he’s not alone as Paypal has apparently issued ‘thousands’ of charge-backs on PSN accounts, thus putting them in to debt, which automatically triggers a ban on the service until the account is put back in to good order.

    Yep, says Autopilot, I just got banned from PSN.

    Bans are normally permanent, no discussion, end of. Sony generally won't disclose the reason either, says Autopilot, and all purchases made with that account are lost forever (which Autopilot struggles to believe can be legal, despite what any T&C's say).

    So Autopliot and family have been going out of their minds, trying to understand why. At first, they thought it was an account hack but then thought it could have been one of the kids’ sub-account ID names.

    Autopilot now holds out little hope, having seen the Paypal news, although he still doesn't know how they (Sony) can justify an automatic and irreversible ban, and loss of all those purchases without warning, just for one small payment issue.

    If this is not sorted quickly, this is absolutely the final straw and they will be selling up and switching to Xbox.

    Have you been affected by this issue?

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