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Living by a stream

by hodg100 Jul 31, 2017 at 5:23 PM

  • This is an issue that faces at least one of the AVForums Editorial team and, we’re sure, many others reading. It’s all very nice living out in the countryside but it can have its drawbacks in the internet age – namely lousy broadband speeds.
    This is certainly the case for AVForums member, thewerepuppygrr (we’re reading that as The Were Puppy Grr) but you have to bear in mind – by their own admission - their knowledge of networking is definitely at noob-level.

    Were Puppy lives in a rural area, in a 100+ year old Victorian solid brick property that has, at most, two power outlets per room. Their current ISP is Boundless, who specialise in rural broadband. The speed is OK if you just want to browse sites, says Puppy (it’s getting shorter) but streaming often takes hours of buffering which is super frustrating. They got them to boost the signal but it was still pretty prehistoric.

    They have an outbuilding about 25ft from the house and asked Boundless about getting the broadband extended to that. They said it could probably be done via running an Ethernet cable, and recommended a guy. They looked up said guy (we'll call him Dave) and found he had a lot of positive reviews and was local.

    Dave came round and said they wouldn't need to run an Ethernet cable and that he could set up a TP powerline system that would work just as well. He put this in place, and it seemed to work fine. The next day - not so much. The outdoor computer said it was connected, but just kept buffering. Couldn't load a page. Indoor was sporadic; some devices were fine, others had the same buffering issue and others dropped in and out. They got him to come back and he adjusted some stuff, but it didn't seem to help: again fine when he was around, but back to square one the next day.

    A week later everything goes down. They get in touch with Boundless who told them the usual 'turn it off and on again' before sending out the engineers. The engineers spent two hours sorting it and reverting it back to how it was before Dave got involved. They said they couldn't understand what Dave had done, and that the WiFi booster should be in a socket on its own (not ideal when you only have two sockets to play with and they're both in use).

    So now thewerepuppy is in a quandary. They’ll have to get Dave back as they paid £250 to get this sorted and he guaranteed streaming-level connections but they feel like they’re never going to get the internet they want.

    Does anyone have any thoughts?

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