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Local or web based streaming?

by hodg100 Jun 23, 2017 at 8:11 AM

  • AVForums member PJHunter was all set on buying a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device to burn his collection of CDs to but then the question was posed to him, why do that when you could just use the cloud?
    He didn't have an answer to that one as he wasn’t really up on the subject so wisely decided to ask the question of the AVForums membership. So why would you buy/use a NAS drive when the cloud is cheaper? Does a NAS drive give better sound than the cloud when playing back your music?

    First in with an answer was fellow enthusiast drdoccmatt who said it largely depends on the cloud service – either pay per capacity to upload your own stuff, or pay subscription for Spotify (or equivalent) and concluded those people who suggested ’the cloud’ to PJHynter were probably either iTunes users or Spotify devotees.

    Next in with some sage advice was LoudAndClearGeo. They advised that if you're ripping FLAC lossless you'll soon run out of free space in the cloud, and you'll soon get frustrated by lag and other issues dependent on your broadband capacities. You'll also likely find that the better media players (audio and video) don't play nicely with all cloud services, hence a NAS becomes a better option for streaming around the home.

    They also, along with ahenfie, pointed out that a NAS is under your control and ITunes is not and more than one person has lost their collection thanks to iTunes foul-ups

    Ripping onto a non-proprietary, open-source framework and codec (like UPnP with FLAC) allows you to retain absolute control of your music, LoudAndClearGeo continued. Of course, you can transcode or convert into AAC or ALAC if you wish, but your "master" library should not belong to anyone other than yourself. It also sounds better and follows a logical folder structure which is easily manipulated (and metadata easily modified if the need arises).

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