Forum Topic: How often do you upgrade your TV and what do you currently own?

Shiny new tech, we just can't resist..

by hodg100 Jul 19, 2017 at 8:29 AM

  • It's an interesting question and we suspect that, when it comes to the answer, the AVForums membership are not typical when it comes to upgrading.
    The topic was posted by long standing member, haujobbz, who tends to upgrade every 2-3 years. haujobbz is currently in the process of buying a new OLED TV. What has tempted them to look at the upgrade path was the emergence of HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology and the inky blacks of OLED. Their current TV is a Sony 49X8505B which has an excellent picture but no HDR and greyish blacks, which called for an upgrade.

    Next in the thread was Swizz who picked up an LG OLED B6 in May 2016, but since reading reviews of one particular TV in the 2017 range he has an urge to pick up a Sony XE9305. He doesn’t think his B6 will mind, at least he doesn't think it's cheating. As a rule, however, it’s usually a three year cycle for Swizz too.

    davidcharles used to upgrade every 2 years but has had his last Samsung for five as it was so good he didn't need to upgrade. David’s latest set is great apart from the poor viewing angle, which seems to be getting no better on newer TVs, so this set may be staying a while (it's 3D as well which is being prematurely dumped in his opinion)

    The rather more cautious – and probably representative of the ‘normal’ general public - ninjag will only upgrade when necessary or if the TV goes faulty, which is why they do ‘crazy research’ before buying! Funds tend to go on other things like home improvements and they’ve noticed disposable income is getting less and less as the cost of living goes up. This generally means that cash goes on the bills rather than new toys.

    So how often do you upgrade and for what reason(s)?

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