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Rotation arc issues, maybe...

by hodg100 Jul 15, 2017 at 1:03 PM

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    Forum Topic: Help with motorised satellite dish
    This is quite a specialist topic but we have numerous members in the know when it comes to satellite systems. The plea for help was posted by AVForums member, laperlenoire, and we’ll let you decide on how to pronounce that!
    Laperlenoire has a 60 cm dish and a Dragonsat DS-3000 motor and single LNB. The pole was installed by a professional and everything used to work correctly till they decided to change a broken Metronic motor.

    During their installation, laperlenoire set the motor to 0 degree and pointed the dish to Astra 1 (signal strength is 90% signal quality is 80%) using a digital satellite finder - They scan all the channels and their tiger sat receiver got them all clear and working so the position was saved in to the receiver.

    Using the receiver disecq 1.2 functions, laperlenoire rotated the dish with the motor towards Astra 2, but was unable to get a signal with their LNB but they can get the signal if they go to the dish and manually align it towards Astra 2 using my digital satellite finder. And of course, they don't get Astra 1 any more.

    Laperlenoire is struggling to know what is going on, or what they are doing wrong.

    The problem might be in the 2 settings (which they are guessing using satellite signal finder):

    - Angle between Dish and Motor DS-3000 mount
    - Angle between Motor DS-3000 and Pole Mount

    The angle settings might be affecting the rotation arc of the overall system, thinks laperlenoire. As a reminder, they are located in Reading UK.

    So, come on down members, how do we fix this problem

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