Forum Topic: Has LG OLED TV software update caused issues?

HDR Game Mode also reportedly suffering

by hodg100 Aug 10, 2017 at 2:50 PM

  • A recent software update to certain LG OLED TVs is causing some concern to forum members.
    The alleged issue(s) were first brought up by AVF member BonesD69, an owner of an LG OLED65C6V, who had no problems with the TV until the firmware was updated.

    The Firmware version in question is 05.30.02 which has caused the image to judder via their SKY TV (Sky+ HD) Box. BonesD69 has followed all the steps to check/fix the Sky Box and also called Sky. The issue could not be resolved. He then replaced the Sky Box with his spare multi-screen Sky Box but both boxes have exactly the same juddering issue. So, it would seem it’s not an issue with Sky.

    Bones is not alone in this, astirling has also commented that 1080i (interlaced) video sources are also broken for them. Their picture stutters every two to three seconds and they’ve had to switch their Sky Box to a 720p output to make it ‘watchable’.

    Various other members have also backed up the claims of BonesD69 and astirling while another issue has been brought to light further on to the Forum Thread with users reporting that the update has made the HDR Game mode extremely dark.

    Fortunately for LG owners there is a downgrade method that’s detailed on the thread but if you are suffering with any problems to your LG OLED following the 05.30.02 update, please report here

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