Forum Topic: Falling out of love with my projector - can you help?

What can be done that won't break the bank?

by hodg100 Aug 2, 2017 at 7:49 AM

  • AVForums member Paul Cliff has owned a BenQ 1070+ for a few years now, coupled with an 84" electric screen from Amazon, which was also a fairly budget offering at around £100
    Recently, Paul has been getting more and more bothered by the poor shadow details and performance in darker scenes. Everything that’s remotely in shadow just looks black. Paul has tried different settings and bought the Disney Wow setup disc but it hasn’t really helped.

    One of the issues he faces is that the room is painted mostly Magnolia and Mrs C doesn't like the sound of anything darker, as she absolutely hates dark rooms - everything has to be light and bright. Paul only use the projector when its dark and by that he means dark enough that you need a torch to move around the room.

    So, the question is, is the W1070 just not up to the job? Will he ever get black levels and shadow detail comparable to his 7 year old 42" Toshiba TV? He doesn't want to spend hundreds on a new (better) screen he just going to be left disappointed. Should he be looking at replacing the BenQ and, if so, how much is he going to have to spend to get an improvement?

    Oh, and Paul would like something a little bit less noisy than the W1070 so it’s over to you AVForums experts – how can we rekindle Paul’s love of projectors?

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