Forum Topic: Check for Netflix Flicker & Judder

Is it just WayneJ's TV?

by Mark Hodgkinson Jul 14, 2017 at 7:50 AM

  • Would you help a long standing member with an issue he’s having with Netflix performance via his 4K TV
    Waynej has noticed an issue with juddering/flickering during panning shots on bright objects or when there's a mix of bright and dark, on screen. Wayne began to think it was normal, now he’s just not sure.

    There's a few standout examples of the issue, says Wayne, such as shadows on the bright church in the film Hacksaw Ridge, as the camera pans down before the car crash - it flickers like crazy,

    Wayne’s TV is the Panasonic 58" DX750, and he’s been discussing the issue in the main owners thread but thought it would be a good idea just to give this problem its own thread to better help him understand this issue.

    If he is sure that others don't have the same problem he describes, then Wayne feels he obviously needs to get in touch with the retailer or Panasonic and get this sorted before his warranty expires.

    Lots of people have Netflix, so if you do, could you please play the Denzel Washington film, The Equalizer. Just skip forward to 2min10secs and let it play for 10 secs. If you see no flickering or judder on the bright objects as the camera pans past the kitchen cooker, then he will have to chase up the retailer as it's been defective since day one – (please make sure you have intelligent frame creation off).

    Wayne has a Blu-ray player as well, which it does the same on, so it's not just a Netflix issue for him. He uses the supplied cable that came with the Xbox One S, and has also tried the TV's own Netflix app. He also see the issue on the PS4 Pro as well.

    So, if you could take a couple of minutes to help out, we're sure Wayne would be very appreciative!

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