Forum Topic: Are low light scenes the Achilles Heel of UHD/HDR Blu-ray?

Not an OLED Vs LED LCD debate

by hodg100 Jun 27, 2017 at 7:24 AM

  • AVForums member raduv1 is a lover of the Ultra HD Blu-ray format – aren’t we all – and all that it brings to the world of home cinema but he does have an issue with it.
    In raduv1’s experience it seems low level light scenes, be they displayed on OLED or LCD LED TVs, really struggle to make the most of the format In the case of OLED TVs, raduv1 brings in to question their performance in showing detail just above black, while with LED LCD TVs, he sees what’s described as, an ‘ethereal ghosting around people and objects’.

    Raduv is at pains to point out that this is not a ‘display war’ thread - i.e. not OLED Vs LED - so please post accordingly and any suggestions for either display tech to improve matters would be most welcome as it's his only niggle with the format.

    Fellow lover of the format and long time contributor to AVForums, Geoff_D, had this to say:

    The (Sony) ZD9 has neither near-black banding/blocking nor does it have any egregious smearing. The only charge he can level at it for lower brightness scenes is the full array dimming which can bloom around bright highlights in scenes with otherwise low APL, but that being said the refurbished ZD9 he had was particularly obvious for this whereas his fresh ZD9 doesn't seem to have nearly as much trouble with it.

    What are your experiences with this facet of performance in Ultra HD Blu-ray?

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