Child of Light Rhyming Review

James exorcises some ghosts.

by James Thomas May 15, 2014 at 7:47 AM

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    Child of Light Rhyming Review
    Not far from this page, ‘pon this wonderful site
    You will find my review for one Child of Light
    Last week it consumed me and drank up my time
    But come the end credits I was taken by rhyme

    After listening for hours to its carefree refrain
    I felt all its rhyming would send me insane
    Its charm was too much and it filled my small head
    I longed for Saints Row and its coarse tone instead

    As I sat at my keyboard and began the write up
    All that streamed forth was twee rhyming couplet
    Madness quite close to me I solemnly vowed
    That if I came through night then this urge I’d allow

    So here for the brave and the foolish out there
    Is the rhyming review of the Child, don’t be scared
    It’ll be over quite quickly and once we are done
    I can return to safe ground, that’s right, writing puns

    Child of Light

    Are you sitting comfortably? Then let me begin
    I’ll tell you of a princess, red-headed and thin
    In a strange world one morning the poor girl awoke
    Surrounded by some rather peculiar folk

    With crown on her head and sword in her hand
    She looked to escape the accursed land
    The light in her heart laid ne’er-do-wells low
    Helped by a fairy whose essence did glow

    With clowns and monsters she fought back the night
    Taking to heart the Lemurian’s plight
    A grand team they were, so full of flare
    But of Child of Light, how did it fare?

    So pretty it looks with story book visuals
    Coloured as though for a young individual
    With its inks and paints it cuts quite a view
    Take time, appreciate, don’t rush, have a pew

    The folks themselves are to suitably drawn
    From the frail old gent to the youth full of brawn
    Aurora and friends are a curious band
    Waifs and strays from across the land

    Clown, mouse, gnome and monster in chains
    Not a typical party but refreshing a change
    Especially Rubella, an interesting sort
    Knows not how to rhyme forever leaving us wanting…. errr…. short

    Child of Light

    The game would be nowt if but a thin veneer
    Beneath the visuals there’s fun, never fear
    Active Time Battle is where it begins
    Though it builds upon it, no sign of chagrin

    A timeline’s the focus of all your attention
    Your fighters sat ‘pon it awaiting selection
    Timing is crucial in this meeting of might
    Choose your moves wisely to continue the fight

    Pick somewhat poorly and fail in attack
    Crash back down the spline, the track
    Mastery of speed, of time, leads to winning
    Embrace it and you’ll find encounters so thrilling

    What heightens the thrill yet more by his presence
    Ignuculus, the fairy, a fine coalescence
    On allies he comforts, comes close, heals blows
    On foes he distracts and makes their pace slow

    What usually happens when victory songs sing
    Is that half of your party have probably dinged
    Gen’rous with levels the designers dish out
    Though frequency diminishes somewhat of their clout

    It does save on potions, that much is so true
    But with much to unlock there’s much to eschew
    Few and far ‘tween are skills worth you taking
    At least you can turn to some skilful gem making

    To be elemental their presence is needed
    Throughout the world their secrets secreted
    On wings of fairies our Aurora will soar
    Looking for chests behind traps and doors

    Child of Light

    In conclusion I say with no small delight
    That despite the rhymes I enjoyed Child of Light
    From engaging fights to its sumptuous visuals
    From beginning to end it did give me tingles

    Though surely by now you’ve spotted the flaw
    The incessant rhyming can leave your brain raw
    It can be divisive and put some folks off
    But you’ve lasted this long so my cap I do doth

    With that closing statement my demons are gone
    I hope to sleep soundly right through to the morn
    All thoughts of poems, of rhyming quite twee
    Have been banished, for good, forever, finally

    You can find our full review of Child of Light here.

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