CES 2018: The End of Show Post Mortem Video

More evolution than revolution... again.

by Phil Hinton Jan 19, 2018 at 8:06 AM

  • There's no getting away from the fact that this year's CES show was a challenge for us in many ways.
    As the consummate professionals we are, most of our TV coverage was done and dusted ahead of time as well as most of our video interviews, so when the chest infections and flu finally hit we didn't lose out on presenting everyone back home with well prepared content. It also rained for two days solid and we had water leaks in our apartment which just added to the trying nature of the week, but we also saw lots of nice shiny things in the show halls to report on.

    This year CES was certainly an evolution with some slight progress in our main core areas of interest, like TVs, but there were signs of some very interesting future technology that could revolutionise the TV business, although that's in the distant future and not next week, which disappointed some observers. So what did we think of it all?

    We lined up in the desert as is now traditional for the end of show coverage and we give you our honest thoughts on what we saw this year.

    We will go into more detail on many of the topics raised in the Podcast Special which will be published on Monday the 22nd and also look out for our opinion videos where we take certain topics raised at the show and expand on them with our thoughts.

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