CES 2018 News: LG discuss AutoCal feature on OLED and SUPER UHD TVs

A professional level of image accuracy in minutes

by Steve Withers Jan 11, 2018 at 8:19 PM

  • Amongst us more technically-minded enthusiasts, LGs announcement of an auto-calibration feature was the source of much excitement.
    AutoCal uses the CalMAN calibration software and was developed in conjunction with Portrait Display to enable LG's 2018 TVs to deliver an unprecedented level of image accuracy. The new feature is available on their SUPER UHD and OLED TVs and is largely the same on each model. The only real difference is that those TVs with the Alpha 7 processor (the SK9000 and SK9500 SUPER UHD TVs and the B8 OLED) use 17x17x17 Look-Up Tables (LUTs) whilst those with the Alpha 9 processor (C8, E8, G8 and W8) use 33x33x33 LUTs. The feature bypasses all of the user interfaces, giving the software direct access to the hardware. The connection is done over IP (wired or wireless) and there is a security feature to ensure the right person is accessing the TV's internal architecture.

    The feature is able to automatically calibrate SDR images (Cinema, ISF 1, ISF 2, Technicolor and Game mode), HDR10 and Hybrid Log-Gamma images (Cinema, Technicolor and Game) and Dolby Vision (Cinema, Home and Game). The software can undertake up to 3,5000 measurements for professional special effects and post-production houses, however it is capable of delivering an incredible level of image accuracy in just minutes. The new AutoCal feature, which will be available for Home Enthusiast as well as the Business and Ultimate versions of CalMAN, will be released as a beta-version when the TVs ship in the spring and will then be added as part of Portrait Display's annual firmware update.

    Neil Robinson, Director of Technology Partnerships at LG, explains exactly how the new AutoCal feature works:

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