CES 2016: Preview

4K, 8K, HDR, OLED, LED and many, many more acroynms

by hodg100 Dec 14, 2015 at 8:05 AM

  • The World’s biggest consumer electronics show, CES 2016, is just around the corner and, once again, we can expect a barrage of acronyms and new tech to get our teeth in to. There will be more 4K/Ultra HD and OLED TVs, of course; there will also be heavy usage of the term HDR; the continued emergence of wider colour gamuts and Quantum Dot and, no doubt, lots of wearable tech and a fair share of concept cars and other automobile innovations.

    As ever, events will unfold in Las Vegas and we’ll be there to cover all the latest news and product releases from the likes of Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and more. The press days start on Tuesday January 5 and the news will be coming thick and fast thereafter with the event closing out on January 9th. This year, the show is over three venues with more attendees and exhibitors, than ever, expected.

    Major Press Conferences & Keynote Speeches

    Event Date & UK Time
    LG Press Conference 05/01/16: 4-4:45 PM
    Ultra-D and Beyond: A New Era of 3D is Here! 05/01/16: 5-5:45 PM
    Panasonic Press Conference 05/01/16: 6-6:45 PM
    TCL Press Conference 05/01/16: 7-7:45 PM
    Hisense Press Conference 05/01/16: 9-9:45 PM
    Samsung Press Conference 05/01/16: 10-10:45 PM
    Sony Press Conference 06/01/16: 1-2 AM
    Netflix keynote address CEO Reed Hastings 06/01/06: 4:30PM-
    Samsung keynote address by Dr. WP Hong 07/01/16: 5 PM-
    YouTube keynote address 08/01/16: 1 AM-

    LG CES 2016

    According to the blurb, ‘attendees of this invitation-only press conference will enjoy a sneak peek at what’s in store for 2016 from LG Electronics and hear first-hand from LG executives about the company’s 2016 product innovations and business strategies,’ which is precisely what we’d expect and we’d bet big that OLED is going to be a major focus of their presentations but they will also be pushing their Quantum Dot tech and probably a wearable, or two, with a new G-Flex also on the cards. LG might well be one of the manufacturers to show us their first generation of Ultra HD Blu-ray players, too.

    Ultra-D and Beyond

    Just when you thought they couldn’t relaunch 3D again, lo and behold, someone is trying exactly that! This time it’s from Stream TV Networks in the form of Ultra-D; it’s another glasses-free 3D solution but hopefully it’s several steps above what we saw from the likes of Toshiba in the past. It’s already a big hit in China but it looks as though they are aiming at a more global market now and we expect them to have a glasses-free 65-inch 3D TV at the show.

    Panasonic CES 2016

    At the risk of upsetting the powers that be in Japan, if we hear/read the words, ‘a Better Life, a Better World,’ one more time after CES 2016 we might just implode. But sure enough, Panasonic is set to reaffirm its commitment to the internet of things and the connected home with a new range of products and solutions designed to meet the needs of people wherever they are. Hopefully they will have a flat OLED TV at a price that makes it competitive, too, and Panasonic surely will have a non-prototype 4K Blu-ray spinner as well?


    The first of the big Chinese TV manufacturers is now beginning to make a splash in the UK TV market but is TCL set to follow the lead of Hisense? They certainly have the technology to break in and they’re promising to tell us their global plans as well as introducing several new products . TCL executives will be presenting the company’s plans regarding technologies including HDR, Wide Colour Gamut, and Quantum Dot, as well as ‘innovative’ 4K Smart TV solutions for 2016.

    Hisense CES 2016

    As we said above, Hisense is already becoming a player in the UK market and we’re expecting them to announce more high spec, competitively priced products for 2016. The company has been the number one sales brand in China for eleven consecutive years and if they can continue to push on with their 4K UHD ULED technology, they could very well repeat the trick in Western markets. We will be sure to pay their stand a visit to check on progress!

    Samsung CES

    As well as hauling out some juicy looking TVs, we’re expecting the Korean’s to go big on the internet of things with more Samsung SmartThings on show. SmartThings is the name given to a collection of products designed to turn any home in to a Smart home, all tied together with an app. So far, Samsung has got a Smart Hub and a selection of monitoring equipment, as well as the ability to interact with around 200 third party sensors, but expect an expansion of this at CES 2016 as well as further details on their collaboration with BMW. It might not be sexy but it will be smart. Dare we mention a 4K Blu-ray player again?


    One thing you can almost totally rely on from Sony is that their press conference will begin late and considering it’s a 1am start for us (me!) watching from the UK, we hope they buck this trend at CES 2016. Sony is not giving much away ahead of the event but – and no surprises here – their presentation will feature the cornerstones of their CE business – Phones/Tablets, Bravia televisions and PlayStation with yet more integration between the three. We’ve also got wind of a wicked rumour that they will be releasing a new, ‘surprise’ TV product so it will be well worth putting in the late-shift if they do.

    Reed Hastings – Netflix CEO Keynote

    There are very few companies so involved with the future of TV as Netflix so it’s only fitting they get their say at CES 2016. Company CEO, Reed Hastings, will deliver a keynote address on Wednesday, January 6, where he will address how the company is preparing to be nearly totally global by the end of 2016 and he will be joined during his remarks by Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer. Hopefully they will also provide some further details on their plans for HDR video delivery.

    YouTube keynote address

    Speaking of being at the heart of how we view (and listen) to our content, these days, YouTube’s Entertainment Matters keynote address will be delivered by their Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl on Thursday, January 7. Kyncl’s address will focus on the future of entertainment as traditional and digital media converge. As Chief Business Officer of YouTube, Kyncl oversees all business functions, which is no mean feat given they now reach more than one billion people around the world each month.

    Of course we are only scratching the surface of what the big companies will have to show and tell; there will be plenty more besides and we’re going to be taking a closer look at what we can expect from the TV announcements very soon. So look out for that and all the upcoming CES 2016 news direct from Las Vegas.

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