The Best TVs under £500?

We look at the best value for money TVs on the market right now

by Mark Hodgkinson Sep 15, 2014 at 7:47 AM

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    The Best TVs under £500?
    What if you fancy a new TV but your budget is a bit tight? Well to help you out, here are our current best picks for a TV under £500.
    As with previous articles, we will keep this feature updated, as and when new models are released and reviewed but, for now, here are the best current TVs, we’ve tested, priced under £500.

    The Finlux F8075-T is currently available on the manufacturer’s own website for a very reasonable £319. For the price of a fairly average 32-inch TV, you get 42-inches of screen real estate and a decent selection of Smart TV features into the bargain. These include Netflix, YouTube, Skype and BBC iPlayer as well as a web browser, media player and a mobile app. The F8075 also features a contemporary design with a narrow bezel and quad-footed stand, as well as 3 HDMI ports, legacy video connections, 2 USB inputs and a bundled WiFi dongle. The picture quality is good for the price-point, with very accurate colours and decent viewing angles so the 42F8075-T provides quite a lot for a TV only costing just over £300.

    If you fancy a brand you’re probably a bit more familiar with, a few extra pounds will grab you Panasonic’s 42-inch AS600, which is widely available for a whisker under £400. The AS600 brings with it the manufacturers usual solid build quality, a good range of connections, including 3 rear facing HDMI ports, all the usual legacy video inputs and built-in WiFi, as well as an excellent Smart TV platform. Panasonic’s offering incorporates the Freetime app which means all the major UK catch-up services – iPlayer, 4OD, Demand 5 & ITV Player -are available through the AS600. As well as that, there is also access to many a streaming service and the AS600 produces a picture with great black levels, pleasant motion handling and sensational colour fidelity. At £400, we think the AS600 is a bit of a steal so grab one while you can.

    The Sony W706, also known as the W705 in the black trim option, was a stonking 32-inch TV with which we could find almost no issues. It’s presently available for £350, or thereabouts, online and you can also pick up the KDL-42W705B for just under £500. Each will give you strong contrast performance, supreme colour accuracy and top drawer video processing with pictures that are simply excellent. Naturally, you also get access to Sony’s extremely comprehensive selection of Smart TV features, which include just about every conceivable video streaming service and a host of other enticing apps. Connections are plentiful, with 4 HDMI ports and all the other options you would expect, including built-in WiFi and, all in all, this is probably the best 32-inch TV we’ve seen in some years.

    Another 32-incher which really impressed us was Samsung’s H6400; with its combination of winning design, cutting-edge Smart TV features and outstanding picture quality. The UE32H6400 features one of the best LED dimming systems in the business, helping it produce excellent blacks and providing oodles of dynamic range. Colours were also strong and true and video processing, typically for Samsung, was another ace card, meaning anything you watch on the H6400 can - and will - look great. Samsung’s Smart TV offering includes the most complete range of streaming and catch-up video services out there and the bundled Smart Touch remote – with voice, gesture and touch control – makes accessing it all a total breeze. You also get a couple of 3D active shutter glasses in the box which is good news as the 3D imaging is almost as good as the 2D. This is a complete and compact TV package and well worthy of adding to your shortlist.

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