Best TV picture settings for Football

Top tip number one - choose the correct picture mode.

by Phil Hinton Jun 2, 2014 at 2:42 PM

  • Making sure the white shirts of England – are white, not blue…
    If you have had your TV or projector professionally calibrated then you do not need to read any further and you can carry on watching your favourite sport, safe in the knowledge your display is as perfect as it can be.

    For the other 95% of those reading this, we can show you how to instantly improve your image if, like 51% of the British public, you left your TV in the settings it came in, or did the least amount of set up possible.

    Two years ago AVForums launched its free to use PicturePerfect Guide and with the Premier League and Champions League now back on our screens, in all its Technicolour glory, we think it is time to refresh your TVs picture quality, so you see all the action.

    You do not need any special skills, any colour measuring meters or software and you also do not have to follow our guide. But in doing so we can show you how to improve the likely out-of-the-box settings you are using.

    You should be able to make out the creases on the player's jerseys as they move – not an over-colourful splodge that covers the top half of the player. That splodge is usually caused by the screen being too bright and the colours set too high, which is great for catching your eye in a shop, but not when you want to see all the action at home.

    Setting the colour balance of the TV is just as important as setting it in a camera when taking a picture. We have all done that and wondered why the photo has an orange cast. It is to do with the colour of white.

    By making one simple menu change we can in almost all cases deal with these problems and give you the most accurate as possible image from your TV or Projector. You are not going to achieve professional calibration levels of accuracy, as that requires experience, software, measuring equipment and a few hours of set up. What we can achieve with this one menu change is a noticeable improvement for the image detail, colour and quality over a TV that is set to the wrong picture mode and is too bright.

    Go into the menu system of your TV or Projector and select the Picture Mode (this is sometimes called Picture Mode, Mode, Viewing Mode, Smart Picture, AV Selection or AV Mode).

    In this menu select either Movie mode - which is also sometimes called Cinema, THX, Professional, Reference, Pure, True Cinema, Theatre or similar.

    By selecting this mode you are getting the colour of white, the colour controls and the image balance as close as possible to being accurate and correct. Now you should be able to see what is happening in the image, seeing all the detail and watching football on grass that is naturally green and not radioactive, eye burning green.

    Watch the first two videos in the PicturePerfect Guide or visit the full guide page.

    If you want to know more about professional TV and Projector calibration, see our guide here.

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