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Forget the politics and the football

by hodg100 Jul 9, 2016 at 7:57 AM

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    AVForums Weekly Round-up
    In more ways than one, that’s it for British participation in certain European adventures but the AV world keeps on keeping on, whatever the weather.


    The week started off fairly slow but Audio-Opus announced the UK availability of an interesting looking Digital Audio Player, running on Android, while another Far East outfit, Zidoo, were trumpeting the 3D playback capabilities of their latest Android Media players.

    Speaking of media streamers, or digital media adaptors – to give them another term – a report from FutureSource Consulting highlighted their growing popularity, as more and more people turn to video streaming services by fair means or foul.

    Epson followed up their confirmation that they had new 4K HDR compatible projectors for the US with the announcement of the launch of the TW7300 and TW9300 (W) beamers in the UK. Yamaha, meanwhile, bombarded us with new product news at the end of the week. The Disklavier ENSPIRE is like no other piano you have ever seen – it integrates with the MusicCast multiroom audio system & plays itself – but the Company also had a selection of more conventional AV products to consider, also as part of the MusicCast family.


    When it comes to Ultra HD, there’s no substitute for going big and that’s exactly what the 75-inch Sony XD94 is. Not only is it large but it’s also fantastic and at under five grand, it’s not really all that expensive when you consider the screen size.
    The Panasonic DX600B isn’t quite so large and nor is it HDR capable or anything like as impressive as the Sony but it’s not a bad budget choice, with a few caveats.

    To round off the hardware reviews are two very tiny little devices. The Wintel W8 TV Box boasts dual-boot capability to Windows 10 and Android but at least one of those implementations is lacking although it’s cheap enough to forgive. The ASUS PL-AC56 Wi-Fi Powerline Kit is another for the budget conscious and provides good networking speeds for those hard to reach places in the home.

    It’s been a quiet week at the movies as the Studios bide their time for the season of summer blockbusters but at least there’s a bit of magic at the cinema with the thoroughly enjoyable Now You See Me 2 currently doing the rounds. If you don’t subscribe to Netflix and feel as though you’ve been missing out with some of their original series, you would be correct, but you can now watch the fourth season of House of Cards on Blu-ray and we thoroughly recommend that you do!

    Forum Discussions

    It would be impossible to document all the interesting and informative discussions our bunch of knowledgeable forum members engage in but here’s a few choice highlights:

    The Xbox Ultimate Game Sale is on
    Recommendations for a 4K Ultra HD HDMI Switcher
    What height for surround sound speakers
    Recommendation for projectors around £2,000

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