AVForums Top 5 Christmas Party Games 2012

The 5 games that will let you have a wonderful Christmas time

by Stephen Carter Dec 15, 2012 at 5:22 PM

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    AVForums Top 5 Christmas Party Games 2012
    Deck the halls and avoid standing still underneath the Mistletoe for long periods because it’s that time of year again.
    For many families Christmas is a time to have the relatives round for a large dinner, and in years gone by, if it wasn't followed by most falling asleep in front of the Queen's speech or a repeat of the The Great Escape on TV, out came the board games to keep the kids (young and old) amused.

    But in the 21st century we now have numerous interactive video games to keep the party going, although there is no guarantee it will prevent the usual arguements and fighting! Our beloved consoles come into play and games that otherwise seem pretty bland bring hilarity when grandma tries throwing darts at the TV or dad ends up falling over trying to dance.

    But which games will provide you with laughs aplenty on the magical day? Here’s our list of the top 5 games to keep your Christmas Day party full of laughs and excitement. Although we can't guarantee there won't be any arguing, fighting or making yourself look stupid when the 5yr old nephew beats you at your chosen game.

    Sony’s sing-along series has given many parties the fun factor they have needed over the years but the game is now free to play courtesy of the Singstar app found on the XMB. You got it; any PS3 owner can now play Singstar free and only have to pay for the songs and microphones without repeatedly shelling out for the latest title in the series. Being honest though, who doesn’t already have a set of microphones tucked away down the side of the TV cabinet?

    With songs ranging from modern pop to all-time classic singles, there will be something for everyone in the Singstore and it's guaranteed to get even the shyest of people up and singing to their favourite tunes.
    Just Dance.

    Starting life on the Wii, the Just Dance series has now hit other consoles and can be played by the masses. Depending on your console of choice, the dancing is tracked via the motion controller (Wii & PS3) or by the camera (360) and offers up a huge catalogue of songs to throw your body along to. The latest outing has just released but any title will suffice as extra songs can be purchased in-game.

    With a cheeky cartoon-style appearance and a series of songs that spans genres and generations it will surely appeal to many people come Christmas Day.
    Guitar Hero.

    The Guitar Hero series may have come to an end in terms of physical releases but here have been plenty of spin-offs and sequels to keep it a fun addition to any party hosts’ collection. From the hard rocking of Metallica, to the more gentle tones of bands like the Killers there is plenty to choose from once the instruments have been distributed and the squabbling has ended.

    Assuming that your neighbours are forgiving of the noise created from the drums, this can easily boost your party until the early hours of Boxing Day.
    Kinect Sports.

    This is just one of the many sports titles available across the big consoles and each has their own version of some sort (even the Wii U has Sports Connection). Kinect Sports (either the first or second) is probably the best title to break out if the party is in need of some sports action. Sports range from football, darts, boxing and athletics so there is plenty to have a go at.

    A word of warning though; don’t try and tackle some of the more demanding sports shortly after you have eaten. I cannot guarantee you won’t see that Turkey again before Boxing Day otherwise.
    LittleBigPlanet Karting.
    OK, this may not be a ‘party game’, per se, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be this one but the Christmas Day party will be a hit with any karting title in your collection. Being accessible enough for the majority to pick up and play but allowing for a healthy amount of inter-family competition, kart racers can be a beautiful addition to a festive party. That is until someone loses their temper and ends up lodging a controller somewhere unpleasant.

    So there you have it, a list of titles that will keep your festive spirits up throughout Christmas and Boxing Day. Just try and keep your festive cheer even when you don’t win or grandma pulls off an amazing dance routine to pip you to the Just Dance crown.

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