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Projectors by budget, square image problems and more

Discussion in 'Projectors' started by Lee, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. Lee

    Lee Moderator

    Mar 2, 2006
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    Below is a list of popular projectors to help you see what is available within your budget.

    The prices put down are only a rough guide, you could get it for more or less.

    The projectors are 720P unless stated otherwise. If I've missed some projectors out or made any errors, please post and I will add to this post.

    Up to £1000

    Optoma HD50 DLP 3D (£999)...owners thread, review and reviewers recommended settings

    Optoma HD30 DLP (£999)...epson eh-tw6100 or optoma hd30 | AVForums

    BenQ W1070 DLP *1080P* 3D (£700)....BenQ W1070 1080p/3D £700 | AVForums

    Acer H5360 DLP ....(£590)

    Epson TW3200 LCD *1080P*...(£997)...owners thread

    Optoma HD600X DLP ...(£440)..

    BenQ W1000 DLP *1080P*....(£890)

    Optoma HD65 DLP .....owners thread and general queries, prices thread. (£530)

    Optoma HD75 DLP ....Optoma HD75 - Owners Thread | AVForums (£650)

    Infocus X9 DLP .....Infocus x9 | AVForums and owners thread (£530)

    Optoma HD700X DLP .....Optoma HD700X | AVForums (£460)

    Optoma HD800X DLP *1080P*....Optoma hd800x | AVForums (£980)

    BenQ W600 DLP....(£510)

    BenQ W500 DLP.... (£720)

    Panasonic AX200 LCD .....AX200 (£850)

    Epson TW420 LCD...Reviews for Epson TW420 HD | AVForums... (£500)

    Epson TW680 LCD (£800)

    Themescene Optoma HD20 DLP 1080P...general queries and owners thread

    £1000 up to £2000

    Sony VPL-HW40ES (£1850)...Owners thread

    Epson EH-TW6100 LCD (£1150)...recommended settings

    Epson EH-TW7200 LCD (£1900)...review and recommended settings

    Epson EH-TW9000 LCD *1080P* 3D (£1900)...Epson EH-TW9000/w Owners Thread | AVForums

    Optoma HD33....3D....owners thread....(£1149)

    LG AF115 SXRD *1080P*...(£1280)...thread

    Sanyo PLV-Z800 LCD *1080P*...(£1140)

    Mitsubishi HC3800 DLP *1080P*....(£1150)

    InFocus IN80 DLP *1080P*......Owners thread (£1600)

    Mitsubishi HC-5500 LCD *1080P*...owners thread... (£1050)

    Sony VPL-HW10 SXRD *1080P*...Owners thread and general, prices... (£1900)

    Infocus X10 DLP *1080P*....owners thread and Infocus X10 (1300)

    Sanyo PLV-Z700 LCD *1080P* (£1030)

    Sany PLV-Z3000 LCD *1080P*....owners thread (£1995)

    Sim2 Domino D10 DLP (£1100)

    £2000 up to £3000

    Epson EH-TW9200 LCD (£2700)...Review and Reviewers recommended settings

    Optoma HD91 LED (£2999)...Review, recommended settings and thread

    Sony VPL-HW55ES (£2800)...Review, recommended settings and owners thread

    JVC DLA-X35 3D (£2900)....JVC DLA-X35/55/75/95 Owners thread | AVForums

    Panasonic PTAE4000 LCD Projector....owners/reviews (£2100)

    Mitsubishi HC6800 LCD *1080P*....(£2150)

    Panasonic PT-AE3000 LCD *1080P*....here (£2150)

    Epson TW2000 LCD....owners thread (£2700)

    Mitsubishi HC7000 LCD *1080P*...owners thread (£2680)

    Optoma Themescene HD82 DLP *1080P*... discussion thread (£2900)

    Infocus IN81 DLP *1080P*... IN81-IN82-IN83 owners thread (£2500)

    Infocus IN82 DLP *1080P*(£2900)


    JVC X500, X700 and X900...owners thread

    JVC DLA-X55/75/95 3D.... JVC DLA-X35/55/75/95 Owners thread | AVForums

    JVC HD350 D-ILA projector *1080P* (£3300)

    JVC HD750 D-ILA projector *1080P*.... HD350 and HD750 thread and 750 owners and 750 calibration thread (£5300)

    Epson TW5000 LCD *1080P* (£3000) and Epson TW 5800 LCP *1080P* (£3500)....information thread

    InFocus IN83 DLP *1080P* (£3900)

    Sony VPL-VW80 SXRD *1080P* (£4700)

    Other threads of interest

    Contrast Ratios | Page 4 | AVForums

    Maximising image contrast. | AVForums

    CIA vs CIH - Advice welcome | AVForums

    Having problems getting a square image? See the following threads...

    can't square picture on screen | AVForums

    Projected Image is slanted at top and bottom | AVForums

    Projector, image sloping on top.. | AVForums
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  2. Marcos

    Marcos Member

    Dec 20, 2006
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    Last edited Feb 2013

    Any chance of an update for this year? I may create a question thread instead.
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  3. Lee

    Lee Moderator

    Mar 2, 2006
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    Thanks Marcos. I'll start updating it.

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