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Kaspersky Anti-Virus Beta

Discussion in 'Computer Software & Operating Systems' started by lisa burrell, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. lisa burrell

    lisa burrell Guest

  2. lisa burrell

    lisa burrell Guest


    I have read a bit about this anti virus software its suppose to be the Dogs testies of all the antivirus software the preferred software if you like. i read claims it finds Virus and other ills no other software finds. Do you think it worth deleting AVG in the add and remove (because its free and you can always download it after my reasoning hear) and run it. the only gripe I got is this you have 29 days left popping up and try or buy for a month what turns me of trying it. what do you experts think. Leave it not worth the aggro or what?

  3. Pbryanw

    Pbryanw Member

    Nov 15, 2004
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    I suppose it depends on how much you think of AVG. How long have you had AVG installed? If you've had it installed for a long time and had no viruses in that time why change? If you've had lots of viruses maybe it's worth a punt on Kaspersky, as you can always change back.

    Me, I like Kaspersky but I think a bit of common sense, when using the internet and checking e-mail, is worth more then any anti-virus program.
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